Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I kept telling myself and anyone that asks that "I don't do Halloween" ! but it seems that I do... well I must do, as I've now given two crafting workshops this week on the subject! 

We used a variety of supplies to make the Spells & Potions Mini Book including the Goulish Googlies Bundle from Stampin' Up!

And when I say they got "stuck in" I actually mean they got most of the glue all over themselves!  Main thing is everyone (including me) had a great afternoon and produced some fantastic keepsakes and decorations for Halloween.

Here's a few photos from the workshop

Look at the concentration!

They really do get stuck in!

Deanna's collection

Leanne's spooky treats!

Debbie's treats, no tricks!

Victoria's Spooky Set!

Hope to see you at my next workshop on the 17th November, when we'll be making some fantastic Christmas decorations!

CraftyB! xx

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