Sunday, 29 April 2012

Crazy week is over!

Its been mad panic over the last few weeks to get ready for a my very first craft fair, along with a class to prepare and organising a party for 150 all within 3 days of each other!  And that's not forgetting the wedding invites that need to be done by next Tuesday!

Everyone thinks I'm cool and calm ... that's just on the outside!!  Major flapper and worrier that's me!!! For a very good friend Wendy who agreed to do the craft fair with me had a last minute chance to go to Greece and couldn't help out on the day.  But I have to say she worked hard to get goodies ready for the stall. Mega thanks go to my friend Mona who stepped in and saved me!  We had a great day!

My version of the now infamous Gerbera!

My pretty craft stall!
Despite the unbelievable weather, we met some lovely people at the BUSCA Spring Fayre and hope to see some of them again at my monthly class!

Crafty B! x

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

April Freebie

Have a look at Special Offers for the latest promotion from Stampin' Up!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Weekend Star

Q. Craft Heaven?
A. Star Book Workshop in Harrogate with Dyan Reaveley!  

The workshop was booked before Christmas and its seems like we had waited forever it to come around.  All prepared, we set off with a satnav all programmed up, the AA Road Map 2011 as back up, and even printed directions just in case.  Let me tell you that we all doubted the satnav when it said turn left and drove straight on, right out of Harrogate!  The next executive decision was to turn left  "as it must be back that way".  When the dual carriageway turned into a lane, then a track and as we went over the cattle grid I knew it was hopeless... its got to be a river next I thought! Fortunately we spotted civilisation over yonder and followed a 4x4 (maybe that wasn't such a good idea thinking back!) and after a short while we arrived at our destination and settled in for our workshop.

Pupils as you may know come in all guises but when I say some people shouldn't be let out, even for a visit, I really mean it... however several of them did keep us amused all day!  

The project was a Star Book and here's some photos of mine - just the tags to finish off.....