Friday, 29 July 2011

Fundraising Class

Hi everyone.  Thought it was about my turn to hold a fundraiser in aid of the Breast Cancer Foundation and its booked for Saturday 20th August, 2pm till 5pm (ish) at Thorpe Acre Church Rooms in Loughborough.  Please contact me to book your place.  All the profits will go to the charity and I am hoping to get some matched giving from my employers charity fund, fingers crossed for a good donation.

I've got pink ribbon and card and butterflies everywhere and millions of ideas running round in my head!  Everyone out there in blog-land have so many lovely ideas/projects to share I get overwhelmed by them and I want to do them all!  In the end, I hope a great class project will emerge!

Yours, all pinked out.....
Crafty B! xx

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Strawberry Fayre

What a lovely class I had yesterday.  In between the cups of coffee, bikkies and then strawberries and cream (! yes really) my ladies made these.... what do you think?

Good enough to eat, eh??!!!

Strawberry Fayre

Strawberry Fayre
Crafty B! x