Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Its been a while.....

but I have been crafting... honest!!  I've had quite a few commissons recently together with navigating a route up and down the country to visit family- so my brain has been taxed quite a bit!!  There's a couple of cards on the gallery, but more to upload soon.  My charity class projects for this Saturday are almost complete just the notes and a box to finish off!  I will post the pictures shortly.

The biggest disaster to hit me on the crafting front was my Bigshot Express blew up!!... its not 6 months old... and guess what? .. they discontinued it last November!!  Not only did it blow up, it blew all the fuses at home so I had no phone, no lights, no nothing till I found the fuse box after grovelling around in the dark having a hissy fit and flicked the magic switch! 

Anyway, what I have to report is that Ellisons Customer Service are FABULOUS!  and tomorrow I take delivery of a new machine, albeit manual... no quibbles at all... just pure helpfulness and compassion!!!!  I must have sounded pathetic... as they are sending me two BigZ dies too!!  Mega thanks to my friend Rebecca for letting me borrow her Bigshot to get my class projects finished on time!

See you soon!

Crafty B! xx

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