Sunday, 16 January 2011

Big sigh of relief.....

My first class of 2011 yesterday afternoon, (and indeed ever), was a great success. I was thrilled that 6 ladies attended, including my SU sister Rebecca - flu having got the other three!. Most of the projects set were completed and everyone was pleased with the results - personally, I had to wince when someone got carried away with blinging up a project with oodles of rhinestones instead of just the one!! But I just smiled and said how lovely it looked!

I've put a picture of my class and my samples board for you to see, as I am so proud of both! Peter made me the magnetic board (he's very handy y'know). Quite a few of the samples are from swaps at Convention 2010.

Now to plan the next class on 5th February, if you would like to join us please email me or phone me to book your place.
CraftyB x

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